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WK-CO-801 Thermostatic Bath Mixer

HKD1,416.0 HKD1,770.0


WK-HG-801 Bath Mixer

HKD672.0 HKD840.0


WK-HG-804 Shower Mixer

HKD499.0 HKD624.0


WK-HG-805 Sink Mixer

HKD638.0 HKD798.0


WK-HG-807 Sink Mixer

HKD600.0 HKD750.0


Q5515/DS Water Filter Set

HKD690.0 HKD1,100.0


Q5515/DS1 Water Filter Set

HKD650.0 HKD1,100.0


Q5515/FS2 Filtration Faucet Set (Installation Service Included)

HKD2,200.0 HKD3,200.0

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Q5515/FS3 Filtration Faucet Set (Installation Service Included)

HKD2,200.0 HKD3,200.0

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KA-1110 (5 Functions)

HKD144.0 HKD180.0

Details Introduction5 Functions with Massage mode. Thick Handle with thermal insulation design,..

KA-1111 (3 Functions)

HKD128.0 HKD160.0

Details Information3 Functions with Massage modeThick Handle with Curved design, more comfortable&nb..

KA-1128 (3 Functions)

HKD96.0 HKD120.0

Details Information3 Functions, able to adjust in different conditions.Light and Short Handle L..

KA-1129 (3 Functions)

HKD80.0 HKD100.0

Details Information3 Functions, able to adjust  in different conditions. Comfortable Handl..

KA-1134 (5 Functions)

HKD112.0 HKD140.0

Details Information5 Functions, able to adjust the needs in different conditions.Patents Features:1...

KA-1137 (3 Functions)

HKD80.0 HKD100.0

Details Information 3 Functions, able to adjust  your needs in different conditions. Wit..

KA-1138 (3 Functions)

HKD192.0 HKD240.0

Details Information3 Functions with massage mode, able to adjust the strength which satisfy your ne..

KA-202CP Shower Bracket


Details InformationMovable wall bracket  Easy to install and suitable for all hand showerD..

WK-L750 Handshower w/filter

HKD272.0 HKD340.0

Details Information Single Spray with high pressure jet function,  Internal filter cartrid..

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