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RAN 3066

HKD65.0 HKD260.0

Details InformationBrand: 。FrenchRef. Size:。50cm X 65cm X 26.5cm Features:。Patented non re..

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RAN 3310

HKD65.0 HKD260.0

Details InformationBrand: 。FrenchRef. Size:。105cm X 45cm X 15.5cm Features:。Patented non r..

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RAN 3592

HKD55.0 HKD226.0

Details InformationBrand: 。FrenchRef. Size:。65cm X 50cm X 15.5cm Features:。Patented non re..

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RAN 3594

HKD12.0 HKD60.0

Details InformationBrand: 。FrenchRef. Size:。40cm X 60cm Features:。Patented non return valv..

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RAN 4701

HKD85.0 HKD360.0

Details InformationBrand:。FrenchBearing Weight:。 12 KGFeatures:。ABS+TPU suction cup, patented d..

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RAN 4710

HKD38.0 HKD160.0

Details InformationBrand:。FrenchBearing Weight:。12 KGFeatures:。ABS+TPU suction cup, patented design。..

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RAN 4714

HKD19.0 HKD93.0

Details InformationBrand:。FrenchBearing Weight:。 4 KGFeatures:。ABS+TPU suction cup, patented de..

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RAN 4745

HKD17.0 HKD83.0

Details InformationBrand: 。FrenchRef. Size:。  80cm X 100cmFeatures:。Patented non retu..

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RAN 4746

HKD19.0 HKD93.0

Details InformationBrand: 。FrenchRef. Size:。 80cm X 130cmFeatures:。Patented non return val..

SCN-90504 PE Filter (made in Thailand)

HKD48.0 HKD72.0

Details InformationManufacturing Country:。Made in Thailand.Features:。PE FilterRemove bacteria, sedim..

SCN-LAC001 Carbon Filter Cartridge (made in Thailand)

HKD78.0 HKD120.0

Details InformationManufacturing Country:。Made in Thailand.Features:。The Composite Coconut Shel..

SCN-571 Water Filter Set (made in Thailand)

HKD268.0 HKD500.0

Details InformationManufacturing Country:。Made in Thailand. Includes:。1 pcs X 10 Inch Lead..

Q5515/DS1 Water Filter Set (made in USA)

HKD750.0 HKD1,400.0

Q5515/DS1 Water Filter Set Including:.Omnipure Q5515 filter cartridge (made in U..

KA-1110 5 Functions Handshower

HKD154.0 HKD192.0

Details Introduction5 Functions with Massage mode. Thick Handle with thermal insulation design,..

KA-1129 3 Functions Handshower

HKD88.0 HKD110.0

Details Information3 Functions, able to adjust the strength which satisfy your needs in different co..

KA-1133 Single Function Handshower

HKD69.0 HKD86.0

Details InformationSingle water spray. Suitable for lower water pressure.Easy to install and s..

KA-1137 3 Functions Handshower

HKD93.0 HKD116.0

KA-1137 3 Functions Handshower 3 FunctionsWith high pressure jet modeFace plate can be dismounted ..

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