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KA-1140CG Single Handshower w/filter (Rose Gold/Chrome)

  • Brand: Winkler
  • Product Code: KA-1140CG
  • Availability: In Stock


Detailed Information

-- Single Spray with high pressure jet function 

-- Internal double Filters

    Maifanitum - remove impurities & good for skin

    Filter cartridge - remove Chlorine, Odor & heavy metals

-- Easy to install and suitable for all shower hose.

** Attached with Amfag Flow Regulator (made in Italy) - Water Efficiency Grade 2 (WSD Proved)

**Please click here for "Maifanitum + Filter cartridge Set" details & price.

Tags: Winkler, Handshower, single function, filter, Maifanitum, Bathroom